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Ivanovic Miljan

Date of Birth: 16.09.1977.


Playing career

1994 – 1997  BC Hemofarm (Serbia)

1998-1999   BC Polet Keramika (Serbia)

1999-2000 BC Hemofarm (Serbia)

– Participant of Korac Cup (16 teams)

2000-2001 BC Vrbas (Serbia)

2001-2002 BC Metalac Valjevo (Serbia )

2002-2005 BC Radnicki Kragujevac (BC Swisslion Takovo ) (Serbia )

2005-2006 BC Harstad Vikings (NOR)

-won the championship

2006-2007 BC Tunisia

2007-2008 BC Trebinje Leotar (Bosnia)

2008-2009 BC Elba Timisoara (Romania)


Coaching career

2009-2011 BC Hemofarm Stada (Serbia) assistant coach of the junior selection

2011-2012 BC Hemofarm Stada (Serbia) assistant coach for the senior ABA league selection

2012-2013 BC Vrsac (Hemofarm Stada) (Serbia) Head Coach of the junior selection

2014-2016 General Manager KK Vrsac

jun 2016. Manager – Coach Basketball in monte DOO Vrsac


During the period of the four seasons coaching career with the junior team I  achieved the following results:  twice vice-champion and champion of Serbia.

I  achived the best results by training younger players, especially high players , at  the time in training process  for the senior team, amongst whom were the players such as Luka Mitrovic  (BC Brose Baskets Bamberg , Senior  National Team of Serbia),  Djordje Gagic ( BC Partizan, Senior  National Team of Serbia), Nemanja Dangubic (BC Red Star,Senior  National Team of Serbia ),  Nemanja Krstic  ( BC Mega Vizura, Senior  National Team of Serbia), Nikola Milutinov, one of the most perspective young players in Europe (BC Olympiacos, Young National Team of Serbia),   Novak Jovan ( BC MKS Dabrovna Gorica, Young National Team of Serbia ), Djordje Milosevic ( BC Igokea, Young National Team of Serbia),  Dejan Davidovac ( BC Red Star, Young National Team of Serbia), Aleksandar Bursac (BC FMP, Young National Team of Serbia), Dragan Apic (BC Red Star) etc.

During my career (playing and coaching), I had the opportunity to collaborate and to be trained by the distinguished Serbian coach like a  Marin Sedlacek (Basketball scout at Philadelphia),  Zarko Vučurović (BC Vrsac, Head Coach), Nebojsa Bogavac ( BC Strasbourg Assistant Coach),  Zeljko Lukajić (BC Polytechnic, Head Coach), Dusan Gvozdic (BC Polytechnic Assistant Coach of national team),  Ivan  Jeremic (Lokomotiv Kuban, Assistant Coach) etc.


The Academy of Sports, Belgrade,

Studies in Higher sports coach, Basketball department

Graduate of the Basketball with the grade ten

Basketball Coach with the highest level of licence in Serbia

FIBA licence


Foreign language